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The Northwest Renaissance Festival is always looking for more great acts.  

If you or your troupe are interested in entertaining at the NWRF, please contact us at


Special Guests of 2014

 Red Hugh   



A Renaissance Balladeer 

A festival favorite, returns! He plays �Renfolk Music,� that unique blend of Celtic, English, Scandinavian, and American folk music mixed in with period tunes from the Renaissance and Middle Ages that rubs shoulders with the occasional incognito rock song at most Renaissance festivals. And we have a lot of fun playing it.




Rebel Tymes was implanted into the young and fertile mind of Red Hugh (Greg Mahoney) when he was a child. Born into a Irish Catholic family. He listened to the tales of Irish struggles under English tyranny from his Ma and Da as he grew into manhood. Rebel Tymes songs and tunes were born in the heart of the Irish rebellion which continue the fight to this day. Rebel Tymes' unique approach to their music will remind you of the Irish and Scottish fight for freedom.

Joining Red Hugh and Rebel Tymes are two outstanding musicians, Jason "Shamus the Shameless" Gordon and Avid "Finn MacCool" Lundin.

Shameless was born under English tyranny in Glasgow, Scotland, which is obvious when you hear him sing. You'll detect an authentic Scottish brogue there. Shameless adds drive and color to Rebel Tymes with both his prowess on the bodhran and his booming vocals.

Finn MacCool is one of the most accomplished fiddle players you will ever hear. Red is still wondering why he agreed to play with him. Finn hails from the Inland Northwest with ties to Sweden and has Viking written all over him. Finn (Avid Lundin) and his father make some of the finest fiddles and violins in the country.

Coming together as Rebel Tymes are three distinct cultures: An Irish Catholic, a Scottish Protestant, and a Christian Viking, Together they play and sing a multitude of new music from each of their own backgrounds, including Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Norwegian and American songs and tunes.



SILVER STRINGS A classy Celtic fiddler and her rogue husband began to play beautiful music together one summer evening several years ago. So they started performing music with The Society for Renaissance Performers as Silver Strings, and have been at the Northwest Renaissance Festival for many years.  Mike and Diane have added their son, Danny to their trio.  They will fill the valley and hills with their renditions of lovely Celtic music, jigs, reels, waltzes, hornpipes and airs for your pleasure and enjoyment. Dancing is always welcome.


Featured Performers:

The Infamous Gypsies of Pleasance - What would Pleasance be without the gypsies?  A most dull place indeed!  Join the Infamous crew for storytelling and dancing!

The Mud Show - Fun for the entire family, this is our "filthiest" show ever!  Join gypsies Belladonna and Sweet Pea as they perform exciting and "dramudic" tales in the mud!


Epona Equestrian Team - Games on Horseback and The Jousts -  The Village of Pleasance has a reputation for fine horsemanship and today the horses and their riders will be tested as they compete.  The Jousts are for points and the winners advance so any of the jousters may be in the final joust.  Come an cheer your favorite knight.

Battle Chess - The life size chessboard is filled with characters from the village as they compete for the spaces using their martial, intellectual and comedic skills.

Games on Foot - The sound of swordplay echoes throughout the village as Knightly comrades entertain their guests with displays of their martial prowess in the Lists. 

Zoupia di Zognia - Italian Renaissance comedic performers entertain one and all in the commedia del arte' tradition.

The Perpetually Pleasant Peasants of Pleasance - Some of your favorite residents of Pleasance are featured in this fast-paced fairytale extravaganza.  Come join the fun and see your favorite childhood stories like you have never seen them before!

Jameela - Jameela performs the graceful dances of the Middle East.



Special Guests of Past Years

    Tania Opland and Mike Freeman

Tatiana Opland and Michael Freeman are wandering musicians who travel the known world collecting music and musical instruments wherever they go. Tunes from the Silk Road, Cathay and the Holy Land, mesh with English and Celtic songs. Stringed and wind instruments of Europe and Asia, blend with drums from mysterious Africa. They've delighted court and village alike on their travels, now hear them in Pleasance!

   BOWI Band 

Kickin Celtic Music! 

This Seattle based band has been entertaining audiences with a blend of traditional Celtic music and unique energy. The BOWI sound encompasses a wide range of music including driving Jigs and Reels, exciting vocals, and beautiful ballads. An incredibly flexible and adaptive group, BOWI has performed at everything from Pubs and local faires, to private parties and weddings. Acoustic or "Plugged in", BOWI has never failed to get the hands clapping and feet stomping.  Tony Schuler - Guitar and vocals; Rich Teachout - Pennywhistle, bodhran, tenor banjo and vocals

 The Forgotton Celts are the band that time forgot. The members are mostly lost and wandering through the world looking for nothing in particular but planning on throwing one huge party when they find it. They focus mainly on traditional Irish music with a lot of other traditional tunes from areas located throughout Europe and North America. With a broad selection of music, from Sea Shanty's to traditional ballads, the Forgotton Celts are sure to get your feet tapping and hands clapping.